Silk Chiffon and Merino Wool Scarves

I make these scarves using the nuno felting technique which binds merino wool into silk chiffon. I dye the wool and the silk to create luscious colour combinations.

The scarves are available in either an all-over floral pattern or a pattern of circles down the centre of the scarf. The scarves may be worn tied, draped, tucked into a coat - any way you like.


Row 1 - a selection of Floral Silk Chiffon Scarves: Aqua with yellow and green, Green with pink and purple.

Row 2 - Coral with yellow and green, Ecru with Grey and Orange, Gray with wine and Grey

Row 3 - Selection of Circle Pattern Scarves: Coral with yellow and green, Ecru with Gray and Orange Circles


Scarves may be hand-washed, line dried and ironed.

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