My wall-hangings are made from either hand-made or commercially-made wool felt. Wool takes dye beautifully and is a fabulous textile for luxury and durability.

The wall-hangings range from 50-85 cm in diameter. The examples shown are inspired by Dahlia flowers and may be commissioned in various sizes and colours. Use the contact page to contact me for further information.



Top Row: Willo's Surprise Dahlia, and detail. Hand-made felt. 55cm dia. Red and Gold Dahlia, commercial wool felt, 85 cm dia.

.Middle Row: Yellow Dahia, hand-made wool felt, 55 cm dia. Middle: Orange and Pink Dahlia, commercial wool felt. Right: Detail of similar flower.\

Bottom Row: Red and Orange Flower, hand-made felt. Middle: Wine and Green Dahlia, commercial wool felt. 55 cm dia. Right: Wine and Pink Flower, commercial wool felt. 80 cm dia on linen background.

For further information and to commission a wall-hanging, please use the Contact Page.