Felt Brooches and Velvet Corsages

The Felt Brooches are made from hand-dyed and formed merino wool. I sew them with beads onto a felt background and add a pin.

The Velvet Corsages are made from hand-dyed velvet bonded to coordinating taffeta. They are sewn with beads onto a felted background and enhanced with a silk petal.



Row 1: Geranium Brooch Selection, Geranium Brooch Autumn colours, Pansy Brooch Selection

Row 2: Poppy Felt Brooch Selection, Primula Felt Brooch Selection, Purple Velvet Corsage

Row 3: Black Velvet Corsage, Green Velvet Corsage, Gold Velvet Corsage

All brooches and corsages are approximately 8-9 cm in diameter.

They may be purchased from www.etsy.com/shop/AdaSuzanne