IrishTweed and Oilcloth Kindle Cases

I enjoy reading and have made these unique cases for Kindle and e-readers. If, like me, you like something other than the standard black canvas or silicone, these may be for you.

I use good quality oilcloth and Irish Tweed, line the covers with fleece or corderoy and add a layer of padding. The Kindle is well-protected and is attractive to carry.


Row 1 - Coloured Spot Oilcloth, Grey and Black Leaf Oilcloth, Red and Green Leaf Oilcloth Kindle Cases.

Row 2 - Grey and Red Leaf Oilcloth, Dotty Oilcloth, Black Irish Tweed Kindle Cases

Row 3 - Brown Herringbone, Rust Herringbone and Red Irish Tweed Kindle Cases


These cases may be ordered to fit other e-readers, 1st and 2nd generation Kindles.

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